German Longhaired Pointers/Deutsch Langhaars

About Us

 We are a hunting family dedicated  to this rare gun dog.  My husband, Ted, has been an avid hunter for most of his life and all of our children are following in his footsteps. 
     Our young children help in the training of our beloved gun dogs.  The older siblings hunt with us when they visit. 
The quest for a gun dog began four years ago.  We began with a different breed; and found we weren't getting quite what we wanted out of the hunting.  Research led us to a German Longhair Pointer (Deutsch Langhaar). In 2008 we were ecstatic to welcome Hubertus Franka to our family.  Since then, I have wanted nothing more than to preserve this rare versatile gun dog in the United States.
       I have been learning about hunting since my husband and I were married.  About four years ago I have picked up a shot gun to learn to shoot.  I've been learning to train gun dogs for about six years now.  It gives me great joy teaching dogs to use their genetic traits to their utmost potential.  In addtion, my children learn about the outdoors and how to care for their hunting companions.
       We frequently hunt the open fields, swamps and woods of Northern Michigan to find Woodcock and Partridge.  In our local area we hunt in open fields to find Ringneck Pheasant, Chukar, Canadian Geese and Mallard Ducks - occasionally rabbit and fox.  The occasional trip to Northern Ontario lends itself to Grouse hunting through open fields and vast forests.
     We are dedicated to the preservation of the rare German Longhair Pointer by focusing on producing dogs with intense hunting drive and sound temperament.  Our dogs are hunters first and foremost - they are  biddable, loyal, and affectionate companions whose intelligence and obedient nature makes them a wonderful family addition.
     Our mission is to better the breed for North American hunting conditions by enhancing strengths of our German Longhaired Pointers.  Our breeding program is of European foundation stock that utilizes the FCI standard and strict German-style regulations for breeding that allows our dogs to excel as your hunting companion.

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