German Longhaired Pointers/Deutsch Langhaars

Is this breed for me?

     Puppies are cute, but are 4 legged toddlers with no diapers.  Just like toddlers, everything is new and everything needs to be touched and tasted.  Puppies are chewing machines everything goes into their mouths!  Kids toys, shirts, pant legs, shoes, fingers, hair, toes, etc.  Puppies need to be isolated from things that can hurt them (just as an infant learning to crawl does).  They can pull telephones and TVs down onto themselves; chew on electrical cords, ingest poison, chocolate, household cleaners and more.  You can use baby gates to isolate a puppy and a crate when you are not able to keep a watchful eye.
Housetraining varies from puppy to puppy; for some its quick and for others timely. Did you know puppies may need to relieve themselves as much as 30 times aday. Consistency, patience and dedication are a must.
     Are you prepared for a few sleepless nights?  Puppies, like babies, take time to settle in.
     Are you ready to set aside one-on-one time for consistant training?  Keeping the same schedule day in and day out will lead to success.
     Your new member will be a part of your life for at least ten years.  Choosing this breed should be an honest and well-researched decision based on your personality and lifestyle.  Don't choose a German Longhair just because they are beautiful.  Keeping in mind what your ultimate goal is will help you make the final choice.  He will need to fit in and feel that he is a valued family member.  Through many hours of disciplined training and consistency this goal can be achieved.  Is everyone in your family ready for this new responsibility?

The following questions may assist you in the decision making process.

1.  What is the dogs purpose?

2.  How much time do you have to give to your new member?They will need to be fed, exercised, groomed, trained, taken to the veterinarian.  You will need consistant one on one time with your new member.

3.  Are you able to care for him financially? You have the initial puppy cost,  quality food, veterinary care, license fee, parasite control, and kennel fees for out of town trips to name a few.

4.  Do you live in a large or small home?  What is the size of your yard?  Do you have a fenced-in exercise area for your new member?  Are dogs allowed where you live?

5.  Does anyone in the family have allergies? Some breeds of dogs are hypoallergenic, while most are not.  You do not want to fall in love with your new member realizing you have to give it up due to a family member becoming ill.

6.  Do you already have pets? Some dogs welcome another four-legged companion, but there are others that will not.

   German Longhair Pointers can be easily trained, have a eagerness to please, have a strong desire to hunt and are good with children.  This lends them to being good house pets.  With firm discipline, devotion and patience your puppy will become an outstanding hunting companion and family pet.  They would much prefer to be inside with their family than be outside in a kennel.  They require a daily workout schedule.  Keeping them confined in small quarters for an extensive time without enough exercise and hunting can lead to destructive behaviors.
     German Longhair Pointers do shed.  They are a moderate shedding dog and blow their coat twice a year, spring and fall.  With regular grooming you can minimize the amount of hair in your home. Some German Longhaired Pointers may require striping throughout the year to maintain their coat.  They also require clipping of hair between their toes and under their feet on a regular basis.
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